Our Team

Group picture for webProfessor Jesse Zhu, President, Lead inventor of the technology

  • —Distinguished University Professor and Canada Research Chair at Western University
  • —Director of Canada’s #1 Particle Technology Research Centre
  • —World Renowned Expert on Powder Technology and Powder Coating
  • —Have over 20 patents and 5 spin-off companies
  • —Trained over 200 graduate students and researchers
  • —Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering
  • —Recipient of life time career award from the Canadian Society for Chemical engineering, and the powder fluidization award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Kwok Chow, Ph.D., President, R&D powder coating and pharmaceutical development

  • —Leader in pharmaceutical development at preclinical, Phase I-III and product line extension stages
  • —Successful research in crystal engineering and drug delivery technology
  • —Author of patents, journal publications, book chapters
  • —Served as invited speakers, conference chairs, journal reviewers, and book editor
  • —Served as board member of the Pharmaceutical Science Group
  • —Core member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for Pharmacy and Pharmacology of Health Canada
  • —Actively engaged in consulting and development of novel drug delivery systems and difficult formulations
  • —Held senior positions at large pharmaceutical companies, GSK and Patheon Inc.

Herman C. Lam, Ph.D., CEO, Technology and business development

  • —Experienced  expert  in pharmaceutical analysis
  • —Actively engaged in development of new analytical technology and automation for pharmaceutical applications
  • —Principal Investigator at GlaxoSmithKline
  • —Author of journal publications, book chapters and journal article reviewers.
  • —Editor of two books published by Wiley on method validation and instrument performance verification
  • —Served as invited speakers and conference chairs
  • —Served as the president of the Calibration and Validation Group (CVG). CVG is a Voting Organization Member of the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP)
  • —Served in the USP Dissolution Calibrator Advisory Panel and in the USP Reference Standards Expert Committee.
  • —Appointed as an Honorary Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hong Kong in February 2012 -2015.

Ying Ma, Chief Scientific Officer, Inventor and in-house expert

  • Experienced engineer in pharmaceutical process, chemical reactors and fine powder handling
  • Successful research in developing dry powder coating on pharmaceutical dosages including design and improvement of dry powder coating process for tablets and beads, developing new series of dry powder coating formulations
  • Research work on pulmonary drug delivery, aerosol particles behaviours
  • Research work on fine powder product development, fluidization and heat transfer